Summary and Review of Suits TV Show

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Here is my review of Suits, starring the dynamic bro-team of Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) and Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams). Harvey is a lawyer, and Mike pretends to be a lawyer. Mike is basically a loser scam artist, but a brilliant loser scam artist. Mike scams himself as an attorney for the law firm that Harvey is partner. By the way, Meghan Markle … yeah, the Duchess of Sussex, the lady who married Prince Harry … is also in this show. The show basically teaches you that lawyers are all scam artists, and cheating and lying get you ahead.

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Maureen’s Legal Bottom Line

Believe it or not, Suits is not unrealistic. Many people practice as “attorneys,” who are neither barred or went to law school. It’s scary that this happens. (By the way, it’s a crime.) But, he would absolutely never be able to scam the LSAT in the manner portrayed. And another attorney wouldn’t be okay with what goes on … never mind an entire law firm. Oh, and by the way. Harvard Law school is not the #1 law school in America. Yale Law is.

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