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The Best Legal Drama TV Series [Top 10]

Here's my list of the 10 of the best legal drama TV series according to me. Arranged in order of what I think are the best to the least best. I'm sure that there are more out there!

Here’s my list of the 10 of the best legal drama TV series according to me. Arranged in order of what I think are the best to the least best. I’m sure that there are more out there! I’ll be doing upcoming posts about some of these shows. I tried to find shows that you could stream (rather than picking any that you had to buy a DVD).

The Best Legal Drama TV Series

Goliath TV Show Review and Summary

Want the total scoop on the Goliath TV show? Prime’s very own legal drama TV series Goliath starring Billy Bob Thornton as a very screwed up lawyer Billy McBride. He used to be the named partner of a powerful law firm along with the burned guy (Donald), who is the arch-nemesis and former partner. He is given this case, and it’s to bring down the big bad Goliath. And so it continues in each season.

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Summary and Review of Better Call Saul

This is my summary and review of Better Call Saul. Better Call Saul is freaking hilarious. It’s the prequel to Breaking Bad about Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), who becomes Walter White’s lawyer. Breaking Bad is Freaking Great but not particularly funny. Saul sweetens this cake. Has a bunch of cameo appearances from Bryan Cranston (Walter White). You can’t really take this series serious.

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Summary and Review of the Good Wife

Here is my review and summary of the Good Wife starring starring Julianna Margulies as Alicia Florrick. II’m pretty sure that it’s ripped directly from the headlines. The Good Wife stars Julianna Margulies (Alicia Florrick), the wife of the Cook County State’s Attorney, Peter. He had a very public and embarrassing sex scandal. She went back to her previous career as an attorney. I vaguely remember that something similar happened in the news when this TV show came out. Three is a spin-off, The Good Fight. FYI, Florrick is good friends with Mariska Hargitay (Law & Order: SVU).

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Summary and Review of Suits TV Show

Here is my review of Suits, starring the dynamic bro-team of Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) and Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams). Harvey is a lawyer, and Mike pretends to be a lawyer. Mike is basically a loser scam artist, but a brilliant loser scam artist. Mike scams himself as an attorney for the law firm that Harvey is partner. By the way, Meghan Markle … yeah, the Duchess of Sussex, the lady who married Prince Harry … is also in this show. The show basically teaches you that lawyers are all scam artists, and cheating and lying get you ahead.

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Law & Order: SVU Recap and Review

Law & Order: SVU recap and review. Law & Order has a ton of different spin-offs. Law & Order: SVU is one of their longest running, if not the longest. It stars the dynamic and gorgeous Captain Olivia Benson. Law & Order is about a New York police department, specializing in special victims, e.g. mainly women who were raped. And the prosecution of the rapists. Just as a side note, Detective Munch was also Detective Munch on a show called Homicide: Life on the Street. As in, the exact same character. I know, freaky.

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Making A Murderer Review and Recap

Here is my Making a Murderer review and recap. This show is a bit different than the rest, as it is a documentary that chronicles Steven Avery. Avery was arrested and convicted of the sexual assault of Penny Beernstsen even though he had an alibi. After serving 18 years in prison, he was exonerated with the aid of the Innocence Project. The DNA in the case was matched to another man. He was released from prison in 2003, targeted by the police, and arrested for murder.

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Perry Mason HBO Review

Here is my Perry Mason HBO review. The series is based on the previous television series of Perry Mason (watch on IMDB). It also shows Los Angeles in the midst of recovering from the Great Depression. Perry Mason is given a nice backstory and a kick-ass legal story. Add in some top notch acting and a noir update, and you have a great new show.

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